About Us

H.ERA Employment Services (Singapore license no 08C4991) was established in 2007. In order to maintain the quality of our workers and the efficiency of documentation, we set up our Indonesia Branch Offices in 2007 respectively so as to facilitate the complete whole operation system.

Also, to strengthen our services to our Customers we have set up training center in order to make it more convenient to manage and guide the workers. Even though our hardware is close to perfection, we still need extensive and mature experiences to be able to act as a successful bridge between the Employer and the foreign worker, so as to give them fair and reasonable guidance.

Through our years of experience, we have successfully provided a wide range of reliable well trained workers and have brought satisfactory services to many families. Owing to our specialization, we have succeeded in supplying domestic helpers to Singapore, thus again proving that we have reached an international level of specialization.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the manpower supplier of choice for our valued customers.

Selections Through Dual Screening – Added Protection

Educating Domestic Helpers/Caretakers in terms of their work abilities, work knowledge & language, personal selections and screening of workers overseas, together with Employers coming to our Office for selections after prior consultation with Employers & completion of a job description form and knowledge of Employers’ requirements, will ensure good domestic helpers / caretakers.

Earnest Responsible Absolute Efficient

We have always maintained an earnest & cordial attitude, a responsible spirit, an absolute grasp of Employer-Employee needs and give efficient service to every customer that we have. We care for each family’s needs, respect that each family has different living condition; safeguard their safety & privacy and provide our best service to ensure each family will get the most suitable maid. We remind our Customers to rest assured and leave all the complicated procedures to our Company. Respect for our Customers is our Company’s MOTTO; we only hope that you will notice our hard work & genuine care toward you and that it is always an honor to serve you.

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